New Racing programs Eifelrennen 1982 and 1983

Now the racing programs Eifelrennen 1982 and 1983 are online…

Happy new year!

We wish you all a good year 2012 with a lot of success and good health!

New Racing program “6 hours race 1974″ Nürburgring

Hi all,

we have a new racing program online: the “6 hours race 1974″ at the Nürburgring.


New Gallery “Group 5 today”

Even today there are a lot of races where “our good old friends” take part. Sometimes we were there with our camera. You can see the results in our new gallery “Group 5 today”.

Welcome to our new website!

We had very little time to maintain our old website. We didn’t like it any more. The design was awful.

So we decided to close our old site and make a complete new one.

Also on our new site we want to have a lot of pictures from good old DRM. Or from other good racing series, e.g. NASCAR.

And we want to make a new forum and a new guestbook.

Please have a little patience. We don’t know anything about HTML and we have to earn our money with our jobs. So we have just a little time after work or at the weekends.